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Aram Bedrosian

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Burlington, VermonT

    In addition to all the performing and recording I do, I've been a professional college-level instructor for over 10 years. I've had the privilage to help players of all ages and backgrounds from all over the world find their voice on the bass, and I can't wait to share all with you. No matter where you are, what type of music you want to play, your particular bass, age, experience level or learning style we can get you where you want to be. Whether you're starting at the very beginning, or a seasoned player ready to expand... whether you seek only to lay the best band foundation possible, or you'd like to explore the farthest reaches of what a bass guitar is capable of, or anything in between... Maybe you're here to learn a solo piece of mine... we can do it any and all of it!

 Lets get started!

-A webcam  (Desktops, laptops, tablets and phones all work!)


-Skype  (Its free!...Google Hangouts and Facetime are ok too.)


-A bass  (You honestly don't even need an amp in most cases!)

all you need is:

"After seeing the video for "A Dark Light" I really wanted to pick up my dusty bass that I hadn't touched in some time. Unfortunately I had forgotten the little bit of bass knowledge I had. Hoping to find some information on Aram's website I discovered that he gave lessons via Skype. Three years later I'm still taking lessons and have learned so much about music theory, and I'm able to use the same techniques that had grabbed my attention and inspired my love for the bass years earlier. I'm already far passed where I thought I'd be and looking forward to seeing how much more I'll improve in the years to come."

-Nick Wicinsky (37. Winneconne, Wisconsin)

worldwide lessons via webcam

"As I didn't have the time to commit to weekly bass lessons when I started learning this instrument I was looking for an alternative. Having heard Aram's music before and having seen numerous YouTube videos I was quite surprised to see he also offered lessons to beginners over Skype. I was skeptical, but wiling to try this. After a very friendly email exchange we scheduled our first lesson and started by talking about my musical background, what my motivation was for picking up the bass and also what I wanted to learn and achieve. For many years I played the bassoon in an orchestra and had some musical education. Aram new right where to pick up and had me playing my first tunes in no time. We worked on improvisation and soloing, which is something that greatly fascinated me as it's nothing you ever really do in classical music. Aram never said anything was too difficult, but merely always found and easy and simple way to explain things and teach me those new tricks. I can't stress enough how effective these lessons over Skype are. Not only are they a real time saver, but just make sense. We schedule the lessons whenever I have time and also depending on my 'homework' from last lesson. Aram is super responsive with any questions that come up in the meantime and is always willing to help. I already feel like I have learned so much. Starting as a total beginner, simple blues lines and all the way up to improvisation and soling. The lessons are a great deal of fun and Aram is a really cool guy - and awesome teacher."

-Henrik Guschov (32. Hamburg, Germany)

"Aram Bedrosian is THE Teacher. Whatever you want to learn, he can teach it, from simple basics to the more difficult techniques: he is complete. Thanks to him I got a chance to greatly improve my technique every day, and then, he is the greatest bass player I've ever seen 'till now. Above all he has a great humanity and a great kindness; I still remember his words when I was in Burlington to study with him : 'the only thing we can do in these hard times is play bass'. Thank you Aram!"

-Chiara Amendola (32. Rome, Italy)

"To sum it up, there is NO way I'd even be close to where I am now. The sheer amount of knowledge that I would acquire from just one of my lessons was astonishing. Aram is very patient and explains things perfectly, no matter what it is."

-John Keller (18. Alvin, Texas)


areas of study

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"Taking lessons with Aram was the best decision I made when I first decided I wanted to learn to play bass guitar.  His lessons are informative and fun and his teaching style made me feel very relaxed and at ease since day one. Aram has a wide knowledge of musical theory and many years experience of playing, so any questions I have, or new techniques I want to learn are always easily accommodated. Totally worth it!"

-Niall Foster (26. Limerick, Ireland.)

"Aram is like the Mt. Everest of bass teachers - aspiring to his lofty heights takes your playing to levels you've never imagined. Learning to slap 'Aram Style', as I did, opens a whole new world of sonics that become part of your personal arsenal forever. I never imagined I could go as far as I did - slapping, two handed techniques, understanding theory, and at blazing speed. My thanks dude for your amazing skills and easy teaching approach! I'm off on my own journey at the moment, but I plan to be back some day, so keep innovating and moving the bass into new realms!"

-Mike Duncan (51. St. Catharines; Ontario, Canada)

"I took lessons with Aram for a year via Skype. He was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and most of all supportive. He pushed me with different techniques and deepening my theoretical knowledge, giving me more facility to express myself through my instrument. You can't put a price tag on that."

-Geoff Brown (18. Grand Rapids, Michigan)

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If you are in Northern Vermont, you can study with me at my beautiful, spacious teaching studio located in The Burlington Music Dojo on Pine St. in the heart of Burlington's vibrant South End Arts District!

As of June I am currently accepting new students!

Aram's bass studio in Burlington, Vermont.

"I had no experience playing bass or any form of guitar before taking lessons with Aram. I knew his background and experience in music, and felt I grew very quickly as a beginner, upon taking lessons. I enjoy how lessons are a blend of music theory as well as songs I want to learn. This way, learning is more tangible and applicable to where I want to go with the bass. He understands my style and technique, and helps improve them through simple tips and exercises as well as provides me with greater knowledge of music culture and performance."

-Chris Sulva (22. Burlington, VT)

"I started off as a simple beginner, but with Aram's help, I'm on my way to mastering slap bass, scales, and everything in between."

-Griffin Connell (18. Fairfax, VT)

"Aram's open and collaborative approach has been very welcoming and I look forward to each lesson. His teaching style is engaging and always has a great balance of demonstration, observation, illustration, theory, and practice. Bottom line, every lesson and practice is fun, I'm learning a lot, and exceeding my expectations."

-Alex Halpern (49. Burlington,VT)

"Being able to walk into a lesson and work on anything from technique, sight reading to slapping and any new tune I happen to bring in is great! Aram structures lessons around how you would like to grow as a musician and gives you the tools to make it happen. My playing has advanced in ways I never thought it would since starting my lessons. Being able to study with somebody with such a deep musical understanding has been an amazing privilege."

-Justin Burgess  (21. Johnson State College student)

"Lessons with Aram have been tremendously helpful in my understanding of music theory. He presents the information in a way that’s not intimidating and is easily digestible. His approach has been a revelation and a rejuvenation to how I play the instrument. I highly recommend his instruction if you are a beginner or just want to take your bass playing to the next level."

-Chris Gallaspie (44. Milton, VT)

 "Aram is a fantastic mentor who is able to teach any genre and back up all songs and techniques with theory. he is great at simplifying complex music theories and putting all lessons into a tangible manner. My bass skills have significantly increased since I started taking lessons with Aram, I highly recommend taking lessons from him."

-Jacob Kaufner (22. Johnson State College student)

"Aram was my first bass teacher and his contagious enthusiasm got me hooked on playing the bass right away. His ability to teach me a variety of techniques and theory laid down a foundation that lead me to studying bass in college. Even after I had left the state he helped me with my audition, and has continued to give me advice throughout the years."

-Luke Hausermann (26. Burlington, VT)

"The range of Aram’s knowledge surprises and inspires me at every lesson! From technique, to performance, to theory, style interpretation or composition, he has answers to every question that I have. He provides context and perspective that gives his suggestions meaning in multiple ways."

-Susan Romanoff  (43. Shelburne, VT)

"I started taking lessons from Aram as someone who had played bass for a little while but had never learned the fundamentals. Aram helped me with basic music theory as well as more advanced bass techniques. Whether you're a beginner, an experienced bass player, or just looking to hang out with a bass wizard, definitely hit up Aram!"

-Seth Evans-Diffenderfer (19. South Burlington, VT)

burington, vermont

(*or at Johnson State College for credit in the fall.)

"Studying with Aram Bedrosian not only grew my skills as a bassist but changed the way I think about the bass in general. Styles of playing I never expected to grasp became accessible as a result of Aram's instruction.  No matter what style or genre you're working on - rock, jazz, blues, folk, dance, metal, etc - Aram is a virtuoso.  When it comes to slap bass there's no one better. We are very lucky to have a bass instructor of this caliber right here in Burlington."

 -Drew Frazier (37. Burlington, VT)

A shot of the front door to The Burlington Music Dojo and Aram's studio.
Aram's studio door.
Aram's studio is located on Pine St.
The studio is spacious, air-conditioned and relaxed.


"Aram has a great teaching style. After only a few lessons he was able to hone in on what my strengths and weaknesses were. He then tailored the lesson to fix what was wrong and help me build much needed self confidence. At the same time learning what I wanted to learn. I always look foreword to the next lesson. My ability has increased in proportion to my joy of playing."

-Michael Emilio (62. Middlebury, VT)

...If you are here to learn to play one of my solo pieces like "A Dark Light", "Going Under" or "Fades to Grey" I can show you how!


     The topics below are just some of the possibilities. My lessons are all about you, your goals and your preferred learning style. If you wanna jump in and learn "Iron Man" we can do that.... If you're not sure what you want to learn that's ok too. If you have questions, ask them! If you really want to learn funk we will gear things towards that from the get-go.


I can wait to help you get there!

-Melodic bass: breaking out of 'the box'.


-Additional scales and the diatonic modes.


-Intermediate warm-ups and dexterity exercises.


-Chord construction and arpeggios.


-Major and minor keys and modulations.


-Learning more challenging classic lines.


-Playing deeper grooves and using rhythmic syncopation.


-Stylistic approaches: rock, funk, metal, jazz, reggae, punk, pop and beyond (*whichever you wish)


-Expanding the fingerboard with two-octave extended scales.


-Specialized techniques: slapping and popping, hammer-ons, pull-offs and more.


-Crafting bass fills.




-Composition, song structure and progression analysis.

-An introduction to the instrument.


-Fundamentals of technique.


-Basic rhythm and timing.


-Warm-up exercises.


-Finding notes on the fingerboard the easy way.


-The first scales patterns.


-Playing classic lines and looking at songs of your choice.


 -Ultra-simple bassline writing.


-Triads and easy theory applied.


-An intro to chord progressions.


-Music reading (*not a necessity).

-Bass soloing.


-Going beyond roots.


-A deeper understanding of creating tone and 'feel'.


-Ghost notes and other subtle ways to enhance lines.


-Ear training and intervalic studies.


-Examining difficult, classic lines.


-Odd-meter and complex rhythm studies.


-Navigating complicated chord progressions.


-Advanced composition: for a group and/or for solo bass.


-Advanced chord and arpeggio studies: 9ths, 11ths and 13ths.


-Advanced theory applied: voice-leading, inversions, substitutions and transitions.


-Advanced techniques: slapping, tapping, strumming, harmonics, double-stops, ghost notes, clawing and beyond....


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